2011 Open Presentation Program

1) Matsuo Risa
For a More Attractive Synthesis of Musicological Analysis and Performance

2) Kim Han-ah
Applying Romantic Irony in Music — Focusing on Robert Schumann's Piano Works

3) Lee Shaw (Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shaw.lee1)
Franz Liszt's National Identity from Viewpoint of His Activity in Weimar Era — Was He Actually a German Nationalist?

4) Won Yusun
Critical Contemplation on Aesthetical Status Change of Art Music in Modern Consumer Society


5) Shimbori Kanno
Appreciation of shōmyō as the “Japanese Buddhist Music” at Concert Halls: Focusing on Performances at the Japanese National Theatre

6) Lee Soo-Kyung
Globalization and Korean Traditional Music in the Ecological View

7) Jimbo Natsuko
Reading Music, Reading Performance — An Analysis of Performer’s Statements through/as Performance

8) Ryu Hye-rin
The Considerations on Interpretation Theory: Based on the Relationship between Analysis and Performance

9) Okano Hiroshi
The Performer as Subject in A. B. Marx’s Performing Theory

10) Kajino Ena
Wayōgassō as Musical Frivolity and Wayōchōwagaku as Musical Futurity? — Forgotten Attempts in Modern Japan