2012 Open Presentation Program

Welcome Speech  Prof. Hee Sook Oh

Key Note Speech  Prof. Chael-Hee Park

Lecture1 Prof. Hilary Vanessa Fichum-Sung
Together This Moment: Kugak Teams and the Process of Composition

Presentation section 1
1) Hanako Takayama
The Reconstruction of a Traditional Aesthetic Concept in Modern Shōmyō Performances: The Invention of “Kokai” and its Expanding Uses

2) Soo-kyung Lee
Self Analysis on Identity
through the Text “Hwangyerak(還界樂) I: Who am I?”

3) Natsuko Jimbo
At the Piano with "Our" Composers
Marguerite Long (1874-1966) and the Notion of National Tradition in Relation to the Modern French Music

4) Hye-Rin Ryu
The Performance Analysis Focused onBallade op. 23of F. Chopin

5) Risa Matsuo
Polish Music in the Second Half of the 20th Century: From the Viewpoint of Sonorism and Nationalism


Lecture2 Prof. Hermann Gottschewski
Individual and Collective Composition in Hoiku-Shōka(保育唱歌)

Presentation section 2
6) Hye-Jin Yi
A Study on the Genre Meaning of ‘Programmatic Concert Overture’ in the Late 19th Century — Focused on the Vincent d’Indy’s Overture Trilogy Wallenstein, Op. 12

7) Shaw Lee (Facebook:
Franz Liszt’s “The Hungarian Identity” on Music — Containing His Political Intention, or Driving from His Inner National Identity?

8) Yu Sun Won
The Museum of Musical Works in Sign Value: Critical Contemplation on Art Music’s Meaning in Modern Consumer Society

9) Hiroshi Okano
Relationships of Emotion and Music in the Mid-18th Century Europe: Focusing on the ‘Sympathy’

10) Eunsoo Lee
The Concept of “Tonality” in Adorno’s Philosophy of Music

11) So-yi Kim
Realization of Poetische Idee in Schumann’s Carnaval — With Priority Given to Bakhtin's Carnival Concept

Special Concert
1) Prof. Ji-young Yi / Janggu: Ji-won Bang
Traditional Folk Music/Gayaguem Sanjo of Seo Gong-chul School

2) Gayageum Quartet K; So-ra Park, Mi-li Lee, Ji-ae Lee, Kyung-mi Lim
“Axis” (2011) / Gayageum Quartet K
Ho-Ho-Goot for four Gayageums (2002) / Dae-sung Kim
Bbaletteo for four Gayageums (2009) / Can-hae Lee
“Summer” arranged by Gayageum Quartet K (2011) / Hisaishi-Joe