Thinking Machine *** Honourable Mention Prix Ars 2008 *** from Masahiro Miwa on Vimeo.


Dr. Hermann Gottschewski introduced me, by e-mail, to the composer Masahiro Miwa. Miwa-san suggested I should design and build a machine to play an algorithmic work - as a part of  his "Reverse Simulation Music" series. The algorithm he suggested was:
New A = (6 - (Old A + State)) MOD 3    
Old A   the slot by which the ball enters: 0, 1 or 2
State    the current way the mechanism is set: 0, 1 or 2
New A  the bell which the ball plays A, B or C
The machine is initialised by loading 6 balls into the memory wheels in a certain order. Once the balls start rolling - and assuming the machine performs correctly - all the notes which follow are predetermined. After a time, the series of notes repeats itself; typically after 8, 13 or 52 turns of the wheel. 

M. R.



新A = (6–(旧A+機械の状態)) MOD3となります。

機械は6個のボールを手動でメモリー・ホイールの中に特定の順番で装填することによって初期化されます。一旦ボールが回り出すと — 機械が正しく作動している限り — 後続の音はすべて予め決定されたものになります。ある時間が経つと音列は繰り返されます。ホイールが8回、13回ないし52回、回転した後に繰り返されるのが典型例です。

Video of the thinking Machine Part1,  Part2