Seminar 2011

The seminar in 2011 was held at the Komaba Campus of the University Tokyo from 8th to 11th November. Its general theme was Analytical Research on Musical Performance of Western Music and Asian Traditional Music. The participants were two teachers and four students from the Korean and one teacher, one postdoctoral researcher and five students from the Japanese side.

Nov. 5–6: Korean participants participated at the annual conference of the Musicological Society of Japan, guided by their Japanese fellow students.
Nov. 7: Visit of Kabuki-theater, welcome dinner
Nov. 8–9: Discussion of each student’s paper
Nov. 10: Japanese students join Korean students for a trip through Tokyo
Nov. 11: Open presentation of all papers of Japanese and Korean students

Program of the open presentation on 11th

Sight of the lecture by prof. Oh at the conference of MSJ

Sights of sightseeing on 7th

Sights of the open presentation on 11th