Seminar 2013

The seminar in 2013 has been held at Komaba Campus of the University of Tokyo from July 29th to August 2nd. Its general theme was 1) Vocal Music Crossing Borders and 2) Speaking about Music in Transnational Contexts. The original schedule contained presentations of two teachers, one postdoctoral researcher and five students from the Korean side and two teachers, one postdoctoral reseacher and nine students from the Japanese side. Hearing actual news of the atomic pollution in Fukushima, however, the Korean students decided not to visit Japan just one or two days before our seminar. Therefore unfortunately we could not have a real exchange meeting in 2013, although we had exchanged our papers and discussed via internet already. Lastly we decided to hold the seminar among japanese students and the teachers from Korea and Japan. Although this year the seminar did not succeed fully, our exchange will continue.

Original Schedule
July 29thCampus tour; opening by prof. Hermann GOTTSCHEWSKI; lecture by prof. Seiji CHOKI; group sessions
July 30thGroup sessions;  plenum session; lecture by prof. Heesook OH; seminar with prof. Kyungchan MIN; evening party
July 31stBreakfast together with the exchange of ideas about the next meeting (Seoul 2014); Noh workshop (Kanze Nohgakudō); sightseeing
August 1stOpen plenum sessions by groups 1 to 3
August 2ndOpen plenum session by group 4, general discussion, farewell party

For details, see our POSTERand PROGRAM from the booklet

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