East Asian Research Seminar for Graduate Students in Musicology

This seminar has been held annually in East Asia since 2011 in order to give an opportunity for graduate students in musicology to exchange their ideas with young researchers from other East Asian countries. It is conducted in English.

In 2011, the seminar was established by the Department of Comparative Literature and Culture at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Tokyo and the Western Music Research Institute of the College of Music of Seoul National University. Its purpose was the academic exchange between Japanese and Korean students. The first and third seminar in Tokyo were supported by the gTokyo University summer internship program (Daiwa Securities group)h. Before the seminar started, researchers of both institutes had been developing an academic relationship with lectures and conferences for five years. The idea of the seminar was and is to extend the benefits of this exchange to graduate students.
In 2014 National Taiwan University became a new partner of the program.

Method of Teaching
The seminar is held for about 7 days on a theme which is newly decided for each year. Prospective participants have to submit an abstract and, if they are selected for participation, a full paper in English one month before the beginning of the seminar. The participants are requested to mutually read all the papers to prepare for a fruitful exchange. After the opening of the seminar the discussion procedes in two stages. In the first stage students are divided in small groups of four or five members according to the topics of their papers and will have an intensive exchange in closed sections. Thereafter all students have public presentations and a final discussion in plenum sessions. Through this process the students can improve their presentation techniques and acquire experience in English communication. So the seminar will serve as a preparatory step to the participation in international musicological conferences.

Program events
E Lectures by professors of each University
E Group discussions in closed sessions
E Final presentation and discussion in public sessions
E Several events for social exchange
E Visiting tour in the host city and cultural experience of the host country

Hermann Gottschewski, associate professor, The University of Tokyo (mailto)

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